light design by Jay Qian
light design by Jay Qian
light design by Jay Qian


With a minimalist design language, Gravity is a desk lamp inspired by the faucet. The stream light is activated by the knob.

Turn the knob and enjoy the light change.

1- inspiration

light design by Jay Qian

The idea of the CD player by Naoto Fukasawa that pulling a string could stir a musical device to action made people feel immense warmth akin to friendliness. We are Inspired by that idea and try to apply this concept to our light project. There is one image that the bulb starts glow as the lamp is switched on,  Then there is another image that the water run out of the faucet after the tap was turned on. It is an amazing feeling when the light and water actually synchronized in our minds.

2- sketch

sketch light design by Jay Qian

3- Arduino Test


We bought different kinds of arduino accessories and tried to assemble each part together to have a test.

4- Technical drawing

Team work: Jay Qian & Shane Chen