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Trowel-pro, with strong durability and comfortability, is designed for gardeners. It is made of aluminum by sand-casting. It has a simple shape of a cone-shaped handle and a curved blade. Also, the leather-made tape as an accessory is provided.

On the one hand, Trowel-pro has an incredibly strong structure. The grip of the trowel extended to the top of the blade as a special structure could strengthen it, which will make the blade avoid being bent when someone happens to dig some very hard rock. On the other hand, people will love to use this garden tool. Firstly, the trowel has a curved blade, which can hold more mud than the existing product. Secondly, by calculating the weight accurately, the trowel has a 50% weight ratio in its center. The weight of the blade and the grip is the same, which will let gardener feel less tired while working, especially gardeners who work several hours each day. Furthermore, the leather-made tape will provide a comfortable sensation, because it will alleviate the pain due to the callus on the hand.

In terms of the package of the trowel, it is made of a whole piece of cardboard without any cutting and a rope without any glue to attach.


DESIGN Process

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