J   A   Y          Q   I   A   N

Hi, I am Jay, come from Shanghai, China. I’m currently studying for an M.I.D degree in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York City. I will graduate in Jun 2019.

Originally graduating in Art & Design from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in 2011, I went on to spend 2 years working as graphic designer in CALOXN GROUP from 2012 to 2014. Then I worked as an Interactive Designer in HUJIANG, a professional e-learning platform in Shanghai, from 2014 to 2016.

After 4-year working in Graphics and Interaction Design industry from 2012 to 2016, I try to escape from the office and get a further education overseas. Choose Industrial Design as my major to strengthen my design ability from 2D to 3D. Making something by hand with different tools, exploring the form and space, and manipulating varieties of material is quite fascinating. Also, living in NYC and experiencing the different culture help to broaden my horizon and let me know more about globe issue we facing nowadays.

In my leisure time, I absolutely love to travel. I’m almost obsessed with meeting and learning about new cultures. They’re interesting and provoking.  I learn so much by visiting places with a different culture than my own, I also find that by understanding the culture you can understand why the people are the way they are on such a deep level. That is quite important for me to be a designer.

So far I have finished my first two-year graduate program and try to find an internship in this summer. 



MP: +1 347 685 5019